About Ghana Homes

About Ghana Homes

Ghana Homes provides luxury high-quality properties in Ghana . We offer state-of-the-art living conditions reflective of the rapid advancements in technology and a growing need for quality housing for both low and high income families. Our group is dedicated to a hassle free living environment in which our client can enjoy all of the benefits of a safe, attractive, and inviting property. Unlike many other realty companies that are solely concerned with turning profits, our primary objective is to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction that is achievable. Client safety, happiness, and comfort are our main goals. We maintain competitive market prices, while working toward expanding the quality and number of properties built. Within the company, we strive to work as a cohesive and harmonious unit focused on exemplifying our mission. Just as customer satisfaction is an intricate part of Ghana Homes' success, so is employee satisfaction. That is why the founders of Ghana Homes believe that employee satisfaction will make the company a success and will be the key to their longevity.


We're part of a group of investors that build custom new houses with several years of experience.


We're not real estate agents. We are group of real estates developers with many years of experience.

We specialize in finding solutions when others don't know about them, or don't care, we will work hard to get you into your home.


We build custom homes.


* We will listen to your needs; * We'll act quickly to tell you how we might help; * We will handle all the paperwork; * We'll respect your privacy; and * There'll be no "fine print" or hidden charges; it will all be clear.

In short, we'll work hard to make you glad you found us!

These are the types of situations we see all the time, and know how to work through. Let's see if we can get you into that Ghana house you've been dreaming about.


You don't have to make any big decision right now. You're in "fact-gathering mode", and we respect that. So just try us out by asking us a question. Or, if you want us to listen to your situation and tell you how we might help, go ahead and contact today by clicking here.

Contact Information

Ghana Office
+024. 463. 4287
North America Office

(Please NOTE: Our North America consultants are available during these times only).
5pm - 11pm ET, Mon.- Fri.
Sat. 9am-5pm ET
+1. 847. 754. 4907

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Our Locations

Ghana Office Ghana Homes Group
Asti Agencies Ltd.
Trinity House F919/1
1st Ringway Close
Accra - Ghana
North America Office Ghana Homes Group
3255 N. Arlington Heights Rd., Suite 511
Arlington Heights, IL 60004

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In North America or Europe, call Tel. 847. 754. 4907
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