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From Darfoor in UK:
Q) I live in the UK and interested in this property, also want to know if I purchase my own land would you be able to build this house for me, how does it work?

A) Thank you for your interest in the Nana Hemaa house.
If you are paying cash, we require 30% down, 40% at roofing and the final 30% when completed. We then give a six month defect guarantee should there be any defect. Yes, we can build on your own land in most major cities in Ghana.

From Lewis in England:
Q) Hello I am interested in Krakye property. How much deposit would you have to put down and how much rental income you can get for this type of property? I await to hear from you.

A) You will need to come up with down payment of at least 20% (if financing) or 30% (if paying cash) of the total cost of the home you are interested in. The investors will finance the remaining 80% up to 20 years.
You can rent your property out as a guest house which ranges from $60-$250 per night depending on location. There are management companies in Ghana that can manage it for you.

From Richard in England:
Q) Please kindly enlighten me on the financial assistance available for house buyers abroad. I am a civil engineer in London and I want to buy a house in Ghana but pay in monthly installments. I have a land already or you can build on your own land.

A) Some of the many services Ghana Homes offers to home buyers come from our exclusive financial service partners. Finance services, and insurance protection are all basic and essential elements in buying a home. Feel free to contact us at any time and we will make it our priority to provide the information needed to assist you in making informed choices as you experience this most thrilling step in your life.

Application Process:

Step 1 - Complete loan application. This is your authorization for Ghana Homes to review your credit report. Ghana Homes will verify your income, debts and assets as required by our investors that will purchase your loan.
    * Ghana Homes reserves the right to reject any loan and request additional information.
Step 2 - Supply all requested information
Step 3 - Credit report and other information verified
Step 4 - Ghana Homes underwriters review your application
Step 5 - Receive loan decision
Step 6 - If approved, close on your loan and let the project begins! (Most projects take between 6 to 8 months)

From Owusu in London:
Q) Do we have a choice of different sites that the property can be built on?

A) Yes. Ghana Homes can build on your own land any where in Ghana or one of ours in Accra.

Q) How long does the build take?

A) Most projects takes up to six to eight months to complete.

Q) What fixtures and fittings are included in the build price?

A) Ghana Homes properties come with all basic fixtures (electrical, neutral painting, toilet, doors, etc.) but you can upgrade any fixture(s) you desire.

From Baffour in New Jersey, USA:
Q) Please I am interested in Mantse house; I will like to know how soon I can get the plan ready for construction.

A) It takes up to 30 business working days from the day the buyer makes commitment with down payment.

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